advisory services

As financial advisors, we evaluate the most suitable financial products for our clients. Dunlap and Associates, Inc.’s. services include: strategic planning, credit, financial, and public policy advising to municipal clients. Our services encompass the planning, development ...


Our professional team is the most experienced in the State of Florida, with its senior members providing financial advisory service since 1978. Our experience in public financings includes: tax-exempt, taxable bond, notes, bank loans, and lines of credit, for public power...

Our Clients & EXPERIENCE

Dunlap and Associates Inc.’s experience includes financings for, cities, counties, power agencies, community redevelopment agencies, special taxing districts, universities, colleges, schools, pooled financings, and other not-for-profit organizations.

About Dunlap and Associates

Since in 1995, the company has been headquartered in Orlando, with branch offices in Orlando, and Fort Myers, Florida.

Dunlap and Associates offers unmatched services to meet clients’ specific needs. We pride our services in finding financing strategies to effectively address our client’s goals and challenges. We have a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals that assist clients in developing innovative financing solutions to maximize an issuer’s access to the capital markets.







Financial Advisory Services

  • Coordination of All Aspects of a Finance Transaction
  • Competitive Bond Sale Bidding
  • Competitive Bank Loan Bidding
  • Negotiated Bond Sale Services
  • Refinancing Analysis
  • Financial Structuring
  • Preparation of Bond Offering Documents
  • Specialized Services to Meet Client Objectives
  • Structuring Public/Private Partnerships
  • Financial Sustainability Planning
  • Privatizing/Outsourcing Government Services
  • Legislation and Market Conditions relating to Debt
  • Strategic and Business Planning