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About Us

Our Philosophy:

Our approach to providing professional financial advisory services is one that is based on the principle of integrity and that the primary responsibility is to provide the Client with independent, professional, timely and cost effective services.

Who We Are

Dunlap & Associates, Inc. is the highly experienced, Florida based, independently owned financial advisory firm. Personnel of Dunlap & Associates Inc. have over 140 years combined professional financial advisory experience in Florida. Dunlap & Associates, Inc.’s offices are centralized in the City of Orlando to ensure our clients the highest degree of response time and service. Our clients are located exclusively in Florida and have used us as their financial advisor for over 15 years on average. In many cases, we have had financial advisory relationships for 25 years or more. Dunlap & Associates, Inc. is the only firm which will assign its most senior bankers, the President and Senior Vice President of the Company to work on a day to day basis with the Clients. Our independence allows us to provide advice best suited to our Client’s financial needs without being subject to internal corporate influences.


For a free review of outstanding debt for savings opportunities, please call us at (407) 678-0977.