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Financial Advisory Services

As financial advisors, we evaluate the most suitable financial products for our clients. Dunlap and Associates, Inc.’s. services include: strategic planning, credit, financial, and public policy advising. Our services encompass the planning, development, and execution phases of a client’s financings. We advise on debt policy options, provide sensitivity analysis, rating agency presentations, as well as advise on complex and innovative fixed or variable rate financing structures; including bonds, notes, bank loans, lines of credit and public-private partnerships. We develop requests for proposals and qualifications for underwriters, bond and disclosure counsel, paying and escrow agent, credit enhancement, escrow bidding, verification agent and arbitrage rebate services. For investment of bond proceeds for escrows of refunding issues, we analyze the most efficient use of SLGS, open market or agency securities.

Coordination Throughout The Financing Process

The professionals at Dunlap and Associates will coordinate the financing process from the initial planning stages to the closing of the transaction. We assist in developing a plan of finance and analyze solutions for funding a capital plan. Together with the various members of the financing team, we will monitor and develop a financing timetable to meet the client’s objectives on timely and cost effective manner.

Competitive Bond Sale Services

In a competitively bid process, underwriters will submit a bid to purchase a new issue and the issue is awarded based on the best bid submitted according to the bidding parameters. Through this process, we will review the Notice of Sale and the preliminary official statement, as well as provide true interest cost calculations on the bids received, and coordinate the closing.

Competitive Bank Loan and Line of Credit Bidding

Under certain condition, bank financing in the form of loans or lines of credit may be advantageous to a client. We prepare request for proposals, specifically tailored to meets the client’s needs. In evaluating these responses, we thoroughly evaluate the bank’s covenants and the long-term implications these could have on a client’s overall cost, interest rates, and credit ratings.

Negotiated Bond Sale Services

Dunlap and Associates, assists clients in selecting the best credit enhancement for the financing in question. We coordinate the preparation of the rating agency presentations and assist the client throughout the rating process. It is our fiduciary responsibility to negotiate on behalf of our clients the interest rates and bond prices levels, call provisions, financing and syndicate structures, and all other terms of the bonds to meet our client’s objectives.

Refinancing Analysis

Using the latest technology, the professionals at Dunlap & Associates prepare a detailed report that includes all of the options available to the client when planning a refunding.

Financial Structuring

There are several options available to a client with respect to the financing structure, depending on the type of project and amount to be borrowed. Some of these options include: a bond issue; bank loan; pooled loan programs; Federal and State programs and derivative products.

Preparation of Bond Offering Documents

Dunlap & Associates assists in the development of an official statement for each bond issue. The official statement contains an overview of the project, financial and demographic information of the client.

Specialized Services to Meet Client Objectives

Dunlap & Associates tailors its services to meet the client's needs and objectives.

Public/Private Partnerships (P3's)

Dunlap and Associates, assists client’s in drafting and reviewing requests for proposals for public/private partnerships. We analyze how a client can utilize its scarce resources to accomplish their goals through joint partnerships.

Legislation and Market Conditions relating to Debt

Dunlap & Associates will continually monitor the legislative and market environment as it relates to financial sustainability and the issuance of debt (including refundings).

Arbitrage Rebate Services

Dunlap and Associates arranges arbitrage rebate services for its clients to ensure compliance with Federal Rebate Requirements and protect the tax-exempt status of their bonds.

Strategic and Business Planning

Dunlap and Associates advises clients in evaluating business models to align scare resources with the needs, goals and the expectations of their community. Dunlap and Associates assists clients throughout their strategic planning and execution process, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the client’s business model.