Economist -41 years; Financial Advisor -31 years; Underwriter -17 years

Municipal Finance - 14 years; Financial Advisor -14 years

Economist -34 years; Financial Advisor -27 years; Investment Banker -15 years;

J. Craig Dunlap, MBA
Project Manager

Dunlap & Associates, Inc. is pleased to assign THE COMPANY’S MOST EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL IN THE INDUSTRY, specifically, the Company’s President who has over 41 years of financing experience. Mr. Dunlap will be assisted by Sylvia Seaton-Dunlap, Damon Adams, Kelly Ryman, Michael Levinson, and Sue Miner for technical, analytical and administrative support.

Mr. Dunlap has been an economist for 41 years, a financial advisor and investment banker for 31 years, an underwriter for 17 years, worked for 8 years in government with the State of Florida Division of Bond Finance and Florida State University. Craig Dunlap has an extensive background in a full range of public financings specifically for Florida cities. His expertise in public finance include areas such as general obligation and revenue bonds for cities and counties, water and sewer, universities, public power, joint agency financing programs, public facilities, public improvement revenue bonds, transportation bonds and economic development, redevelopment and community development districts and school districts.

In January, 1980, the Governor of Florida appointed Mr. Dunlap to the Municipal Advisory Council of the Division of Bond Finance as one of two investment banking representatives. He was reappointed for an additional two-year term in January, 1982 and January, 1984. Mr. Dunlap was twice named Associate of the Year for 1984-1985 and 2004-2005 by the Florida Municipal Electric Association. Mr. Dunlap is the only two-time award winner in the history of this award. He has testified before the Florida Public Service Commission and is a frequent speaker at the Florida Government Finance Officers Association.

Mr. Dunlap holds an undergraduate degree from Florida State University and a Masters degree from the School of Business of the University of North Dakota. In addition, he has pursued a doctoral degree in economics from Florida State University. He was employed by the Division of Bond Finance of the State of Florida for four years, the last of which he served as Director. Mr. Dunlap also serves on the investment advisory boards for: Kissimmee Utility Authority, the Utility Board of the City of Key West, Florida Municipal Power Agency and he developed investment and debt policies for Florida Municipal Power Agency, Kissimmee Utility Authority, Cities of West Palm Beach, Coral Springs and Winter Park.