Economist -41 years; Financial Advisor -31 years; Underwriter -17 years

Municipal Finance - 14 years; Financial Advisor -14 years

Economist -34 years; Financial Advisor -27 years; Investment Banker -15 years;

Kelly Ryman
Vice President

Ms. Ryman is located in Fort Myers and joined the professional staff of Dunlap & Associates, Inc. in 2007. Ms. Ryman obtained her public finance experience at Public Financial Management in Fort Myers, Florida where she was a Senior Managing Consultant. Ms. Ryman has provided project management as well as quantitative and technical support for many clients.

Ms. Ryman has served as project manager on a vast variety of financings including: general obligation, utility system, tax increment, capital improvement, guaranteed entitlement, public service tax, pooled loans, community redevelopment agencies, community development districts, counties, universities, public power, joint agency financing programs, public facilities, public improvement, transportation bonds and economic development and school districts.

Ms. Ryman has performed debt sizing and structuring analyses, refunding analyses and has assisted several clients in obtaining interim financing for capital improvement projects.

Ms. Ryman’s main expertise involves special assessment issues. She has managed transactions and negotiated with Florida banks to assure clients the most cost effective financing. Ms. Ryman has assisted in the development and execution of special assessment models for Sarasota County and Lee County. She has also advised clients and is thoroughly familiar with the process of obtaining loans through the Florida Association of Counties’ Commercial Paper Program and the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Services Loan Program.

Ms. Ryman holds a degree in Paralegal Studies. Ms. Ryman is a member of the Florida Government Finance Officers Association. Ms. Ryman has been a financial advisor for 14 years. She also has been a speaker at the Florida Government Finance Officers Association.